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Should I Invest in Rig Mats?

Rig Mats
Oil drilling is an inevitable process of our modern world. Without oil drilling and natural gas extraction, the world would be a dark place. There would be no light, cars, food, or shelter. Unfortunately, oil rigging has also led to a lot of destruction in the world due to not following protocols. Over the last few years, this has also led to strict laws being placed on oil and gas companies. With Drilling Rig Mats, it has made the oil and gas industry a much easier place to work in.

What are Rig Mats?

Rig mats are all-access mat designs used for oil rigging. They are also referred to as access mats, timber mats, construction mats, mud mats, oil field mats, rubber mats, crane mats, heavy equipment mats, or portable roadways.
When used in oil rigging, access mats create a barrier between oil field equipment and the ground below it. It can keep your equipment in better condition, but it can also ensure that the ground below it remains the same. When working on tough terrain or areas that are protected, rig mats can be the difference between being fined and walking away from a job site with minimal cleanup.
Rig mats are typically made from wood, plastic, or a combination of the two, and overall create a barrier from your equipment or vehicles, and the ground on different terrains.

Why Should I Invest in Rig Mats?

Drilling rig mats help you to prevent damage to the environment and keep a safer job site. Not only are they able to hold their shape for years, but they can keep your equipment in better shape as well.
Typically, you want to leave drill equipment in one place for many years. This is because you will be driving in heavy equipment day after day, over the same terrain. Rig mats are strong and help to prevent damage to the soil, but also to your equipment.
By choosing a dense and strong rig mat, you can ensure that you will be taking proper safety precautions when it comes to your job site. Whether you choose wood or composite mats, there are benefits to each, but they are truly essential to every job.

Benefits of Rig Mats

Safety is essential when working in the oil industry. When it comes to maintaining safety, there are a few specific steps you can take, and rig matting is one of them.
Rig mats provide a safe and clean working environment. You can reduce the chance of accidents, and maintain an overall safer environment. They also provide the peace of mind that you are creating a barrier for your worksite.
Rather than allow chemicals to seep into the ground, or to disturb the ground below in any way, you create an effective barrier to prevent this. You can also prevent soil or weed contamination. This means you will stay in compliance with every job and avoid high environmental fines.

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