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Our Safety Commitment

DTS is committed to responsibly serving the energy industry along with protecting the environment and safety of the communities where we operate, the employees of DTS, and our customer’s employees. We know that unsafe working conditions lead to negative outcomes. Our goal is the ensure that no one gets hurt. To achieve these goals we provide job specific health and safety training to employees, work closely with the customer to ensure we understand their concerns and potential risks associated with their location and incorporate their specific standards and set annual goals for safety performance that are championed by DTS managers and leaders.

DTS is fully compliant with federal, state and local safety standards and adheres to PEC, NCMS, Avetta, DISA and ISNetworld safety standards. This functionality gives DTS the ability to measure key performance metrics while promoting transparency, clear communication, and sustainable operations. Our focus is on ensuring a safe work environment, safe transportation, and a safe job site that enables us to drive sustainable performance improvements while lowering costs and strengthening relationships with our customers.

Our whole focus is to do our job well, from start to finish, without incurring any accidents. We provide a very thorough job training program, continuing education safety courses and an extensive safety manual that covers all of our processes and procedures. Our subcontractors must also adhere to our same stringent safety standards and those of our customers before being allowed on a work site. Whether we are custom fabricating something in our shop, providing fluid and waste stream management on a customer’s location, or installing our location containment system, one eye is always on safety. We have an excellent safety record and work hard to protect our employees and those of our customers.

The protection of health and safety is an integral part of the planning and execution of every task at DTS. We promise to continue integrating our corporate health and safety practices into our business culture and maintain an incident-free workplace. Our vision for safety is to empower everyone to be safety-minded everywhere and every day and to support them with excellent training, equipment, and open and timely communication.

Thank you,  Diamond T Services Senior Management Team

Oilfield Safety: Committed to Creating a Safe Work Environment

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