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Decanter centrifuges are automated, compact, low-maintenance equipment that lets you separate liquids from solids in one simple process. Here are the key benefits of decanter centrifuges:

  • High-performance separation, resulting in high-value products and low waste management costs
  • Low energy consumption and carbon footprints
  • Low maintenance costs thanks to continuous operation, high-grade machine materials, smart design and well-thought preventive services
  • Low capital cost/capacity ratio

Solid-liquid separation is a common manufacturing process and Diamond T Services has more than two decades of experience using decanter centrifuges to meet this requirement in various industries. Together with our industry know-how and specialist process experience from all over the world, Diamond T Services can match your exact needs for each particular application and installation.

Applications of decanter centrifuges:


Decanter centrifuges are indispensable in the oilfield and utility industries, where they facilitate separation, dewatering, and clarification processes, ensuring environmental compliance, resource efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Here are some of the common applications of decanter centrifuges:


Oilfield Industry:

  • Drilling Mud Treatment: Decanter centrifuges separate solid particles from drilling mud or fluid, allowing for reuse, cost reduction, and waste minimization.
  • Produced Water Treatment: Decanter centrifuges help separate oil, solids, and contaminants from produced water, enabling oil recovery, water treatment for reuse or safe disposal, and compliance with regulations.
  • Drilling Waste Management: Decanter centrifuges efficiently dewater and separate solids from drilling waste, reducing environmental impact and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Utility Industry:

  • Wastewater Treatment: Decanter centrifuges aid in sludge dewatering, clarifying effluent streams, and removing solids from treatment processes, ensuring compliance with discharge regulations and reducing environmental impact.
  • Sludge Management: Decanter centrifuges dewater sewage sludge, reducing volume for disposal and producing a more manageable material for further processing or incineration.

Custom decanter centrifuges machines built around your needs.

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