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At Diamond T Services, we believe that every project requires the best possible equipment in order to be successful. With a focus on next-generation equipment and a passion for improving construction processes for teams around the world, we provide valuable tools to construction crews that are looking to improve their processes and take on their next big challenge. Our centrifuges are available for rent to ensure that your solids control process is seamless when you break ground.

Centrifuges for Solids Control

Solids control is focused on removing and separating solids, specifically relating to the size and materials involved. To do this effectively, it is very important to have a centrifuge, which will drive the process. A good centrifuge can help you to effectively condition the mud while drilling.

When you choose a centrifuge that suits your needs, you will find that conditioning the surrounding mud is a much easier process. Your centrifuge will allow you to remove unnecessary materials and filter your drilling fluid, all while minimizing waste. A centrifuge is the driving force that will provide effective solids control.

Using Different Centrifuges for Different Projects

There are plenty of good centrifuges, but not every centrifuge will be the right piece of equipment for the job. We offer centrifuges in a variety of different sizes in order to better support the needs of different projects. Though you can use centrifuges of different sizes for various projects, the fact remains that working with a centrifuge that is the appropriate size and is made using high-quality materials can help your team to save time, reduce costs, and improve your overall capacity.

Why You Should Rent a Centrifuge for Your Next Project

While solids control is a common process that does require a centrifuge, there are some key benefits to renting a centrifuge rather than buying one, even if you already own one. Renting a centrifuge gives you the opportunity to choose one that fits your specific project, which can help you to improve your timeline and do the best work with your team.

Owning a centrifuge is a very good investment, but the centrifuge that you already have might not be the best fit for your next big project. Centrifuges come in different sizes, offering different benefits for certain workloads and materials. Renting allows you to pick and choose the right centrifuge for every single project, so you are always prepared when you show up at your site.

Start Renting Today

You have project needs, and we have the equipment to get it done. At Diamond T Services, we are happy to help construction teams take a strong step towards managing their solids control. To learn more about what centrifuge is right for your next project, feel free to contact our team today!

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