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Centrifuges for Solids Control Services

At Diamond T Services, we use next-generation equipment and a passion for improving construction processes in order to simplify how you work. Our solids control services offer custom solutions to transform your drilling operations for the better by combining powerful centrifuges with real-time data to maximize your success. We help you to save time, increase drilling fluid returns, and follow environmental best practices by selling key tools that optimize how you work.

What is Solids Control?

A solids control program is a process that is designed to remove and separate solids according to size and material, allowing you to keep fluid dilution rates low. Using specialized tools, we can help you to improve and filter your drilling fluid while minimizing waste and the need for removal.

Well-designed solids control programs can help you condition mud while drilling, ultimately allowing you to improve the properties of your drilling fluid and remove unnecessary waste. This process involves different tools to ensure that the materials can be conditioned appropriately, and every single project is different. At the center of this process, you will find powerful centrifuges that are designed to provide the best possible separation while your team works.

Centrifuges: Your Key to Solids Control

At the center of all solids control efforts are different systems designed to help you clean the mud while you drill. There are a variety of different machines and approaches to manage these needs, but the process itself revolves around centrifuges. At Diamond T Services, we offer both small and big bowl centrifuges to meet your needs.

Centrifuges can be used to process drilling fluids to remove unnecessary waste and materials that need to be separated for the integrity and efficiency of the drilling process. We aim to maximize your drilling fluid while minimizing how much waste is actually removed, and our centrifuges allow us to make this possible.

Depending on your project needs, you might require centrifuges in different sizes. Choosing the right size can help you to improve the efficiency of the process and ensure that your mud is cleaned in a way that benefits your process. Efficient systems can cut down on time and costs.

How Our Analytics Help You Choose the Right Centrifuge

We believe that every project deserves the right tools for the job, which is why we work hard to help you choose the best equipment for every single project. Using data-driven solutions, we are able to help you determine which centrifuge is the best fit for your team’s needs. This allows you to make a purchase that will improve your processes for years to come.

Our experts use analytics and key considerations to determine which centrifuge is the right fit for your project requirements. Available in different sizes, our centrifuges can vary greatly, offering support for a variety of different project types. With our help, you can invest in the perfect centrifuge to support your approach to solids control.

Purchase Your Tools Today

A good centrifuge can have a large impact on the way that you work and will help your team to take on bigger and more valuable projects over time. To find the right centrifuge for you, don’t hesitate to contact our team directly so we can discuss your project scope and find the equipment to match.

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