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Rig Matting

Serving Fortune 500 companies for many years, Diamond T Services’s rig matting is first-rate in industry standards. Our SiteSeal™ matting system is the most durable on the market. Not only is it a complete location matting, this matting system has a proven track record for its performance, economical availability, and sustainability. These rig mats can support any rig up to 70,000 lbs. per square foot.

Access Matting

Whatever you need to traverse to get to your job site, we’re here to help. Our access matting is fully customizable and our unique pricing structure will fit your budget.

Drilling Rig Mats

Industrial matting is a must for any construction site. Diamond T Services provides the best quality Drilling Rig Mats and industrial matting. These work-friendly mats make a noticeably less impact on the environment using temporary roadways, access matting and solid top work areas. They are also UV and temperature tolerant, making it a great choice for any weather conditions.

Matting Installation

Because ground protection is required by law, choose a trusted oilfield mats company to help make sure you are compliant. Diamond T Services offers the most sustainable and high-performing options for matting installation available. Our patented SiteSeal™ technology means we are authorized to give you the best in performance and cost.

SiteSeal Matting

Diamond T’s SiteSeal matting system is proven to be the best combination of performance, economics, and sustainability available on the market.

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