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Should I Use Rig Matting?

Rig Matting

Rig matting, or access mats, are important for many different heavy-duty jobs. In the oil and gas sector, in which Diamond T Services works within, rig mats are most commonly used for temporary roads, platforming on leases, pipeline terminals, and facilities. These are only a few of the many purposes our rig matting can bring to your equipment and tasks, but it’s the main ones.

With power lines, rig matting is also a handy tool to have, to help with the infrastructure and creation of these powerful standing lines and poles. Construction and other electrical industries make great use out of these access mats, as well.

It’s a lot to learn, but you’ll be glad you did so! Rig matting could transform the way you approach a project, and there is usually a way they can simply just about everything. Learning more about their purpose and use can help you decide if it’s time to invest or not.

What Is Rig Matting?

Simply put, rig matting is a portable structure that provides support for your project. There are several different types of rig mats, along with multiple names, uses, purposes, and standards. This makes it a little hard to explain, since there are so many different aspects and they will vary from business to business, or even industry or region.

Diamond T Services focuses primarily on oilfield work and utility. Because of this, our rig mats are designed to be of use in these industries. The main purpose of these mats are to support equipment and structure, without breaking the bank or taking tons of time to create and stand up.

How Does It Benefit You?

Many benefits come with rig matting! Not only can you create strong, structural roadways over important gas lines, oil sources, or other problematic areas, it can do much more for your project. Drilling rigs and tanks need the support of these mats, and they can work as helipads as well for large, intense projects.

When dealing with oilfields, rig mats come in handy very often. You usually cannot complete a true project in this industry without one. It takes a lot of stress and trouble away, and gives you better access to your job site.

These reasons, along with many others, are why we spend so much of our time focusing on our rig matting availability and options.

Types Of Rig Matting?

At Diamond T Services, we offer three variations of rig matting that work in different ways. SiteSeal, cross laminated rig matting, and access mats. Each of our options will have different benefits depending on the project. We use environmentally friendly products, and don’t mess with any sort of harmful ingredient or chemical.

For years, our clients have returned to our company to continue using our amazin resources, support, and rental equipment, including our excellent rig matting.

Best Place To Get Rig Matting?

Diamond T Services has excellent rig mats and the supportive staff in place to ensure they work perfectly for you, and help through any problems or complications. Contact us to learn more about our rig mats and what offers we have for your project.

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