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Ten Questions with Kellijean Fisher

Kellijean Fisher is one of Diamond T’s longest and most steadfast employees.  She is an excellent Corporate Accountant that keeps everything moving in the right direction. One might be surprised to learn that her talents not only lie in her way with numbers, but she knows a thing or two about electricity and has a passion for horses.  Thanks Kellijean for all your hard work and being a strong backbone for the Diamond T team.

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Where did you grow up and what led you to Wyoming?

I grew up on a 40 acre hobby farm in New Market, MN where my family ran a small horse boarding operation and raised our own, beef, poultry and hogs. In 1997, my mom and step-dad moved to Riverton. After their move we would spend our summer vacations visiting and riding in the Big Horns. In June 2006, my husband Dewey, learned of an employment opportunity and we completed our move to Riverton in December of 2006.

What led you to becoming an accountant?

I excelled in math and science in school and enjoyed accounting in high school. I started my college education pursuing an accounting degree, since death and taxes are the only two guarantees in life. I felt accounting would be a career that would always have a demand for hardworking individuals.

Something about you that would surprise everyone?

I actually have a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. While in college, I did not think I could sit at a desk in an office for 40 hours per week. I switched my major to pre-veterinary medicine my junior year and completed my Biology degree with the minor in Chemistry in three years. I also know a bit about electricity and have wired and installed all new lighting in both of the horse barns we have owned.

What do you like about working for Diamond T?

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The great team of co-workers I get to work with on a daily basis. Coming from the mid-west, I am accustomed to working in a team environment and that there is no “I” or “me” in team. I greatly appreciate the work-life balance and the available flexibility when life tries to throw a curve ball.

Accomplishment you are proud of?

I am proud of the way I was able to successfully integrate with the corporate staff in Golden and become part of the team after Diamond T was purchased by Bar Star Energy Services.

What do you like most about our new accounting and asset tracking system?

Since switching to Microsoft Nav, I like that we have the ability to track where our assets are on rent and the ability to link purchases to customer invoicing.

How did you meet your husband, Dewey?

I actually spoke with Dewey over the phone about six months before meeting him in person. I answered the phone at the veterinary clinic I was the practice manager of. He had purchased a horse that had lameness issues not disclosed to him by the seller. I assisted him in acquiring the horse’s previous medical records with the authorization of the previous owner. Around six months later while at a saddle club meeting we met in person. Dewey had come with a family friend as a guest that evening.

We know you have a passion for horses so tell us about them?

We own too many horses, six in total, two Missouri Foxtrotter geldings and four Quarter Horses. We use our MFT’s and two of our Quarter Horses trail riding. The MFT I ride we rescued five years ago, his owners were going to destroy him due to a leg injury he sustained that they could not perform the necessary treatments on. We treated him for 5 months and rehabbed him for another 9 months before we started riding him. Two of our Quarter Horses we raised, our other two are Quarter Horses that were bred to race. I have a six year old mare that I am starting to barrel race on and a yearling filly that is a barrel prospect who I hope to be running in the future four years from now.

What would be 2010-04-29 073your ideal Saturday?

My ideal Saturday would be spending the day with family and friends horseback riding and camping in the Big Horn Mountains.

Favorite Movie? Favorite book?

My favorite movie is Dead Poets Society with Robin Williams, and my favorite book is The Divide by Nicolas Evans.

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