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Case Studies

Matting Case Study

A customer was looking to replace its traditional matting system with mats that provide better traction, stability, and spill protection. The customer also wanted a meaningful cost savings over other rig mats.

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Drilling Case Study

A customer’s upcoming drill was being delayed by another service company who could not deliver the equipment promised. More than half of the equipment required was missing and the work would continue to be held-up unless the necessary equipment arrived…

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Matting & Containment Case Study

Over saturated ground conditions caused a rig to sink two feet into the subsurface and halt operations. These dangerous conditions were the result of the primary liner being damaged by another vendor’s mats, allowing water to seep into the containment and destabilize the surface. The customer called Diamond T to asked if we could come up with a solution as fast as possible to reduce the costly delays. They had to be operational by the next day.

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Footprint Reduction Case Study

Diamond T Services was engaged by a customer to reduce its footprint from having to truck material to mud plants for cleaning…

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Welding Case Study

A customer needed tank and mud farms set-up and tied in to a rig ASAP. Diamond T Services was there within 20 minutes and completed the job in record time…

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