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Meet our Intern Jake Seaman


Diamond T’s Internship Program

Diamond T understands that internships are very important because they allow students to explore the industry and connect classroom learning with practical applications while gaining relevant real-world experience that enhances their resume.

This winter, Diamond T hosted its first intern, Jake Seaman, at our Tioga, PA field office. We welcomed the opportunity to mentor a petroleum engineering student who is an exceptional young man and an extremely capable employee. Jake also had the unique opportunity to mentor under some very generous OSRs who offered him the chance to come to location to shadow them.

We caught up with Jake before he headed back to LSU and asked him a few questions about his time at Diamond T.

Petroleum Engineering at LSU

I wanted to study petroleum engineering because of its versatility in and out of the classroom. Petroleum Engineers have the opportunity to study in the fields of natural sciences such as geology and natural history as well as thermodynamics, chemistry, and fluid mechanics. What also peaked my interest is the fast paced and exciting culture surrounding the oil and gas industry.

On the Job Learning

I chose to work with Diamond T because of the ‘hands on’ experience opportunities. Not everything can be explained in a textbook. To see how operations were carried out first hand was very eye opening and educational, as well as a good bit of fun.

Skilled Mentors

I had a great experience working with Diamond T. They have excellent crews that work extremely well and efficiently together, as well as a wide range of services to cater to almost any oilfield need. The crew I worked with was full of hardworking and skilled mentors.

My favorite experiences took place on location. Whether learning about operations from the OSRs or day-to-day tasks from roustabouts and day laborers, there were things to learn everywhere you look.

Helping Focus a Career

My time at Diamond T gave me a better idea of what attracts me to this industry, what positions I will pursue, and how I will get to where I want to be. After graduation I would like to be involved in the upstream sector in areas such as drilling, exploration and extraction.

Dedicated to Safety

I have learned many things during my internship, one of which being how much safer the oil and gas industry has become over the past few years. Plenty of time and effort is put into safety and regarding regulations, for good measure and reason.

Strongly Recommend

I would, without a doubt, recommend other petroleum engineering students intern at the field level. In my opinion, one of the greatest hindrances in the industry is either a miscommunication between the headquarters and the operation site, or the engineers not perceiving the lesser known needs and complications of the work site. In working with Diamond T, I was able to see, first hand, how operations should be handled, and how problematic situations can be managed.

We look forward to having Jake back this summer to work in other regions, including our corporate office.

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