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Solids Control Rentals

Many companies now look at solids control as a significant cost saving tool. Keeping your drilling fluids free of low gravs and returning the highest percentage of fluid back to the system greatly reduces your AFE costs.

Not all solids control packages will produce the same results. There is a marked difference between our results and our competitors. Over the past decade we have developed one of the highest performing fleets of solids control packages. Whether we turnkey or you provide your own techs, you will notice a difference using our premium equipment packages.

We offer the following fluid and waste stream management equipment for rent:

  • Centrifuges (big and small bowls)
  • Fully variable driven main drive and back drive
  • Flow line screens
  • Replacement screen panels
  • Vertical cuttings dryers
  • Drying shakers
  • Drilling fluids such as mud conditioners and additives
  • Closed loop mud systems
  • Pit treatment equipment
  • Solids transfer pumps
  • Pre-mix tanks
  • High and low sided shale bins
  • Excavators, wheeled loaders
  • Barite recovery systems
  • Electric distribution panels
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