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What is Rig Matting?

Rig MattingIf you’re looking for exceptional construction site equipment, you came to the right place. Diamond T Services is among the best oilfield rental companies in the US with years of industry leading service behind us. We operate in multiple states, including Colorado, and strive to be best in class at what we do. Our work has always been to be more than an equipment and service provider, we’re your partner in the field. Because of that, we want to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting when you come looking to us for equipment.

What is a Rig Mat?

Your geography is potentially going to change the game for you. Rig matting is also known as access mats or access mating. Because of the lack of standardization in the industry, you may find those terms interchangeable across different companies. It’s also worth noting that not all mats are the same. The lack of standardization extends into the mat design itself so you need to do some serious and thoughtful research of what it is you need and make sure the matting you get can cover the area and equipment you need. In our case, you’re looking at rig mats or oil field mats.

What Does Rig Matting Do?

Rig matting ensures safe and secure movement of equipment across your construction site. It can serve as a structural roadway across different types of land while you’re doing construction work. Because of that, it may also adopt names like swamp mats or mud mats. They all do the same job: a portable platform that can support construction equipment during a job.

How We Can Help

Diamond T provides rental equipment for your work in oilfield and general infrastructure industries. These mats are more than just your average mats, they provide real and true service to your construction site. You can rest easy knowing your equipment is moving across and sitting safely atop some of the best matting options you can find and easily the best options in the Denver area. These mats are on the cutting edge of  industry technology and come with our promise to improve and perform to the best of our ability.

Why Choose Our Mats?

There’s a plethora of reasons to go with Diamond T’s mats as your first choice in construction mating. These mats are extremely durable and easily replace an aggregate base, their low weight can reduce your trucking costs, they conform easily to uneven terrains to provide a stable base, they reduce weather-related delays in your work, and our special fiber core is consistently more stable than the traditional plastic mat. Overall, we not only provide safety and stability but also save you a lot of money when all is said and done.
Don’t wait. Take a look at our rig matting offers and options and get your equipment today.

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