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What Are Pump Jacks Used For?

Pump jacks play an essential role in the petroleum industry—learn what they are and how they are used.

A pump jack is a fairly common system, and most people know them when they see them. Of course, the intricacies of these systems are a different matter entirely. Known for their key role in supporting the petroleum industry, pump jacks are essential players in the extraction of crude oil.

In this article, we will explore how pump jacks are used and what they really do.

An Introduction to Pump Jacks

This brief overview of pump jacks can help you to understand what makes these systems so important.

What Are Pump Jacks?

A pump jack, also commonly referred to as an oil pump jack, is a device that is made specifically to support extraction in an oilfield. These large devices can often be seen from a distance and support teams as they unearth oil from the depths of the ground below.

How Are Pump Jacks Used?

Extracting oil from the ground is a process that takes time and the right tools. Pump jacks play a major role in supporting these efforts by actually manually moving the oil from underground reservoirs and allowing it to be pulled to the surface. These devices are used by experts to safely and successfully maneuver oil from deep in the earth to the surface where it can be retrieved by experts.

How Do Pump Jacks Work?

Pump jacks are the latest version of pumping devices designed to bring up oil from wells in petroleum fields. Supporting optimal efficiency when extracting oil, this equipment works by creating an artificial lift that can be used to carry up crude oil.

Pump jacks can be powered by electricity or gas and work by rotating a counterweight. The counterweight moves several parts in a system that are connected to a chamber, which is filled with oil each time the system is activated and the chamber descends. When the system moves again, the crude oil is brought to the surface alongside other natural materials.

Why Are Pump Jacks Important?

A great deal of work in the modern petroleum industry is centered around pump jacks. This is because they are highly efficient systems that make crude oil extraction a much easier process. With these systems, we can pull out higher quantities of crude oil at a higher rate.

Pump Jacks Support the Petroleum Industry–Learn More

From extracting oil to supporting solids control, pump jacks are key players in the petroleum industry. Considered the best modern solution for crude oil extraction, they help support the global economy, as well as the teams that make it all possible.

To learn more about the powerful tools that lift up the petroleum industry each day, contact us directly. Our team of experts can help your team to receive the support it needs so you can get the job done right, no matter the project!

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