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Do I Need Solids Control?

Solids ControlSolids control helps drilling projects reduce waste and proceed as efficiently as possible. This technique aims to separate solids of varying sizes that appear in drilling fluid. Solids control is a multi-step process, and a series of separators are needed to get the job done thoroughly.
A mud tank holds the drilling fluid. Depending on how deep the well is, your project may need several of these square or cone-shape tanks on your drilling rig. The following equipment is mounted to a mud tank to control solids:

  • Shale Shaker

The shale shaker is a separator that removes large pieces of debris that’s present in the drilling fluid. As the name implies, this equipment uses vibrations and screening panels to sort out the debris.

  • Vacuum Degasser

The vacuum degasser is the next step in the solids control process. Gases present in the fluid can result in bubbles, so this equipment is needed to separate the air and gases, such as methane, from the liquid.

  • Desander and Desilter

The next phase involves the use of a desander and desilter. Like the shale shaker, these pieces of equipment remove solids, but these solids are much larger than the debris carried out by the shaker. Both the desander and desilter are hydrocyclones, but the desilter relies on smaller cones – typically 4 to 6 inches in diameter – to remove debris.

  • Centrifuge

The centrifuge decanter is a rotating drum that helps remove finer particles from the drilling liquid. This kind of equipment can remove particles that are as tiny as 2 to 5 microns in size, according to DrillingFluid.org.
In some cases, other equipment is also used throughout the process. For example, agitators can mount to a mud tank. These stir the mud, preventing debris from settling in the fluid. Using this type of equipment results in a more homogeneous mixture. Mud cleaners that can smaller cones than a desilter can also be used within a solids control system.
So, do you need solids control equipment for your next project? Diamond T Services can offer you equipment ranging from centrifuges and replacement screen panels to mud conditioners and other additives.
When running an oilfield, you’ll likely need to rent all sorts of equipment and even enlist the services of professionals. Aside from solids control, Diamond T also offers:

  • Rig and access matting that allows you to move trucks into the work zone in a safe and environmentally friendly way. Our mats can support more than 200,000 pounds, and they help contain spills and facilitate easy cleanup when the project is done.
  • Environmental lining and containment options keep construction sites as environmentally safe as possible. Spills can be costly, both in terms of business finances as well as environmental impact. We offer containment solutions and installation to suit the specific needs of your drilling project.
  • Right of way services that help you navigate tricky hurdles when it comes to land acquisition. We can also help you prep the area for your next project.

Contact the experts to learn more about the solids control process and the way in which we can support your project.

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