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Oilfield Containment Services

Oilfield containment services

Diamond T Services is a full-site location containment company with turnkey solutions to meet all your containment needs. We understand each project is unique so we offer a variety of options. Our certified containment professionals will take time to consult with your team to design a containment solution that best fits your needs.  Our team of certified installers are the best in the business. We truly care about protecting your site and stand by our work.  Call us today for your next containment job.

What is Primary containment?

Diamond T Services offers customizable primary containment solutions. We are able to install containment for entire drilling and completions locations as well as permanent containment for tank farms, food and beverage plants and fuel facilities. We can also install  secondary containment for locations specific needs.

Why we use it

Primary containment (a combination of polyethylene and geotextile materials) is necessary to offer true spill protection for onshore locations. States such as Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio and specific industries require the primary containment offered by Diamond T be installed, but all operators benefit by installing a primary containment on their location. Using containment is considered “best practice” for spill prevention and prevents costly remediation, fines and legal costs. In the event of a spill the correct setup of primary and secondary containment will offer the most comprehensive protection for a location.

Containment Variability and Availability

We are able to offer a variety of combinations of materials to meet any containment need. If a project requires special materials in short amount of time we have built various relationships to insure that a customer is never waiting on us. In addition to our ability to respond quickly to a variety of requests each install team has a manufacturer certified installer overseeing the process to ensure the quality of the installation.