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What Is Vegetation Management?

Vegetation Management

A large issue of construction areas is the disturbance of the surrounding land. Soil erosion, tree removal and safety, and vegetative cover are all impacted heavily by construction activities. In turn, this has a dangerous impact for the surrounding ecosystem and waterways.

One way to improve issues like soil erosion and sediment runoff is with vegetation management services. These services are performed by professionals to prepare the site for construction, mitigate disturbances during the project, and return the area back to its original quality. 

Find out more about the various types of vegetation management and why you should hire vegetation management services for your next project. 

Types of Vegetation Management

Vegetation management is utilized in many different ways depending on the needs of the project. Vegetation management services can help you with the following:

Removing hazardous trees. Unhealthy or dead trees pose serious issues to safety on construction, utilities, or building sites. If not removed correctly, falling trees can cause damage to equipment, power lines, and personnel.

Pruning tree branches. Pruning is often needed for healthy trees in the area. Pruning services can help prevent damage to equipment, as well. Directional pruning helps keep power lines and trees safe by preserving the structural integrity of the tree. Tree branch pruning protects forests by preventing tree rot and decay.

Performing weed control. Right-of-way services often use herbicide to prevent the growth and surplus of vegetation and weeds. This keeps tall vegetation in check while providing a cost-effective way to manage unwanted weed growth. 

Benefits of Vegetation Management

Vegetation management helps protect trees and soil and improves restoration efforts. If vegetation management services aren’t utilized, trees are more likely to be negatively impacted by construction materials. Since tree decay occurs over the course of many years, it’s imperative to take as many protective measures as possible. Tree roots are often the first to be impacted by compaction, grading, and soil removal. Vegetation management and right-of-way services help preserve these areas with environmentally-friendly solutions.

Additionally, vegetation management services help restore sites by stabilizing and protecting existing trees, shrubs, and plants. They do this by:

  • Performing a site appraisal
  • Identifying native species, environmental issues, and site conditions
  • Stockpiling and reusing topsoil
  • Sodding the disturbed area 
  • Planting native species after project completion

Onsite Vegetation Management

Prevent environmental disturbances and onsite issues with professional vegetation management and right-of-way services. These services are a necessity for any utilities or construction project. With the help of Diamond T Services, you can easily acquire a management planning program for onsite vegetation, trees, and soil. Before your project gets underway, all climatological conditions of the site will be monitored and prepared. 

Find out more about other right-of-way services like vegetation management so that you can employ the utmost safety to the surrounding environment and your team.

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