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How Do You Cut Away Trees From Power Lines?

Here at Diamond T Services, we have all seen it happen—a tree is growing and thriving, and then it ends up growing dangerously close to a power line. This can come with a great deal of risk to the tree, the power lines, and the people in the surrounding area. Given its importance and risks, how does cutting trees in this situation work? Let’s find out.

Trees and Power Lines: How to Manage Tree Cutting

Managing trees that are located near power lines is often considered an inevitability when the two components are in the range of one another. Since trees continue to grow, they can grow over, under, or even through power lines in some cases. There is a matter of public safety, so either the city or the property owner will need to address this.

Is it Dangerous to Cut Trees Near Power Lines?

Cutting trees near a power line is a dangerous task that can come with several risks. There are the risks associated with the tree limbs falling, the risks of electrocution, and the risk to infrastructure and public property. If a tree falls through a power line, it can knock out the energy supply for homes, hospitals, and other businesses. Since this is the case, it is a task that should be left to the professionals. There is very little room for error.

Can Anyone Cut These Trees?

Technically speaking, anyone can cut down trees—but that doesn’t mean that it is necessarily legal. In most areas, you must be certified and trained to cut trees that are anywhere near power lines. The risk is simply too large, so they require only trained experts to do it. While you might be able to cut a standard tree in your yard, if power lines are involved, it is a different story.

How Does Cutting These Trees Work?

To safely cut down trees or remove branches that are near power lines, professionals generally take very specific approaches. It is common to use cranes to assist with removing these trees to ensure that the power lines remain untouched. Cranes can easily pull the tree away in a safe fashion. In other cases, large mechanical buckets are used to catch the tree or any pieces as it falls so that it never touches the ground below.

The Takeaway

Tree removal can be very dangerous, and when we add power lines to the mix, it becomes an even bigger problem. Fortunately, right-of-way clearing can be used to allow professionals expertly remove these trees without putting people in the area at risk. With the right tools and strategies, experts can remove trees or branches that might be interfering with power lines, and they can do it safely. A day where the problem is solved and no one is hurt should always be the goal, so remember to call in the professionals if you find yourself facing this problem.



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