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Why Access Matting Is Important

This is a photo of a construction site
When it comes to construction sites and oilfields, safety is important. This doesn’t just adhere to the personnel onsite. It means safety and protection of the surrounding environment, as well. There are several ways to protect the environment when moving and using heavy machinery, drills, and excavators. Access matting is one of them. Find out more about why access matting is so important and how you can use it. 

About Access Matting

Access matting is a type of ground cover used on construction, oil, pipeline, or power sites. These durable “mats” are made from wood, rubber, composite, or other materials. They help to create temporary roadmaps throughout construction sites. Large machinery can then be transported safely without disturbing the ground and surrounding environment.

By using access matting, you are decreasing the chance of a negative impact on the environment. This is especially necessary for sites on rural, agricultural, or Indigenous land.  

Importance of Access Matting

Access matting can help you get the job done safely and efficiently. There are many more benefits of using access mats during construction. These include:

Durable Ground Cover

Access matting provides a durable and sturdy way to transport heavy machinery. Using certain types of access mats also helps to prevent damage to machinery and the ground. This firm, heavy-duty option will also last longer than flimsier ground cover. Additionally, machinery and people have easier access to different areas using these temporary pathways. 

Worker Safety

Many construction sites have uneven or unstable ground. Access matting not only provides a stable surface for machinery, but for workers, as well. Implementing access mats is just as important as other safety equipment like hard hats and respirators. They are proven to provide safer conditions onsite for construction personnel.

Environmental Factors

The use of heavy machinery has many adverse agricultural and environmental effects. Constant machine and vehicle traffic can cause soil erosion and change the microbial makeup of the area. Using access matting helps to prevent these issues. Construction sites can more easily recover from environmental impact after the project is complete. 

Industrial Access Matting

Mobilizing a job site is much easier with the use of access matting. From durable roadways to environmental safety, access matting plays a key factor. Not only does it create less negative impact on the environment, but it’s safer for transporting machinery and people. Best of all, access matting is completely customizable to any project. You can implement access matting for:

  • Utility construction sites
  • Construction staging areas
  • Fuel storage, sandbox, and well site foundations
  • Natural disaster response
  • Temporary roadways and shelters
  • Containment areas

If you’re looking for customized access matting with reliable service options, contact Diamond T Services. Our team of professionals can help you choose the best type of matting for your project. We guarantee eco-friendly, slip-resistant, recyclable access matting for construction work, utility sites, and maintenance needs. We’ll even work with your budget to configure the best access matting materials available. 

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