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What Is Solids Control In Oil And Gas?

Oil And Gas

Construction projects require the use and disposal of various types of materials and substances. Solids control  is useful in separating some of those items. More specifically, the technique removes solids from drilling fluid, which is used to lubricate oil rig drill bits and clear out cuttings. 

Benefits of Solids Control 

Why is it necessary to remove those solids from the drilling fluid? Solids control serves several purposes. As solids of varying sizes are filtered out, the drilling fluid’s usable lifespan is increased. In addition, solids control improves the fluid’s flow rate while reducing the need for additives. Overall, it helps make projects in the oil industry more sustainable, and it reduces the operational costs of each project. With that in mind, you should not only aim to implement reliable solids control systems, but also gain a thorough understanding of how the process works. 

The Solids Control Process 

The solids control process has multiple steps. And most of those steps are intended to remove materials of different sizes from the drilling fluid. The whole process starts with drilling fluid being stored in a mud tank. This is a container with an opening on the top. Then, equipment is added to the tank to filter debris from the fluid. The list of equipment includes the following:

Agitators: This equipment continually stirs the drilling fluid to stop the solids from settling into the bottom of the tank. 

Shale shaker: Using a combination of screening panels and vibrational movement, this equipment acts as a sieve that separates solid from the drilling fluid.

Vacuum degasser:  This equipment removes gases, such as methane, from the fluid. The degassing process prevents bubbles from forming within the drilling fluid.

Desander: This equipment uses hydrocyclones to create centrifugal forces. The centrifugal forces then separate out material that remains in the fluid even after the shaker and degasser stages.

Desilter: This equipment also uses hydrocyclones to filter the drilling fluid. However, a desilter removes even smaller debris than a desander. 

Centrifuge decanter:  This rotating drum is used to remove fine particles. 

The process may vary based on the needs of your project. However, the goal is always to ensure the fluid is free of solids and ready to be used as needed. 

Solids Control and Other Services 

When you need solids control equipment for your project, Diamond T Services can help. Our energy service company offers a variety of solutions and equipment for construction projects, including the following: 

  • Environmental containment 
  • Solids control
  • Rig matting and matting installation
  • Oilfield, construction, and utility equipment rental and sales

Available equipment for sale or rent covers everything from excavators and backhoes to light towers and pressure washers. You can also find a variety of electric/diesel pumps, generators, and storage tanks in our inventory. Reach out to us today for a quote on equipment and services.


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