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What Is Oilfield Equipment?

Oilfield Equipment

Working on an oilfield project? You likely already know that the job will require all sorts of specialized equipment. This equipment helps your work progress as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Some of it even serves an environmental purpose, minimizing the impact your work has on nearby land and water. 

Buying oilfield equipment can be expensive upfront, but it’s a good way to ensure you have quick access to tools you need. Renting equipment is more cost-effective, but you’ll only have it for a short time. Whether you decide to buy the equipment or turn to oilfield equipment rentals, here are a few items you should consider. 

Drilling Fluid

Drilling fluid is an essential item that serves multiple purposes. Most notably, it helps carry cuttings out of the wellbore. The fluid also serves a lubricant for the drill bit and helps keep the drill cool. Solids control equipment helps to increase the drilling fluid’s usable lifespan.

Mud Tanks

Mud tanks are also known as mud pits, and these are used to store drilling fluid during projects. Tanks are often separated into several compartments and feature an open-top design. A walkway on the top of the tank allows for worker foot traffic, and additional equipment can be mounted to the tank for solids control.

Solids Control Equipment

Solids control equipment attaches to the mud tanks. Several examples of this type of equipment include:

  • Agitators, which stir the drilling fluid
  • Shale shaker, which use screening panels to remove solids from drilling fluid 
  • Vacuum degasser, which removes bubbles from the fluid  
  • Desanders and desilter, which further filter the fluid using centrifugal forces 


Trucks carry all sorts of materials to and away from the oilfield site. Depending on your project, you may need multiple types of trucks, including the following:

  • Hot oil trucks
  • Vacuum trucks
  • Water haulers
  • Swab rigs 

Access matting

Trucks and equipment need to be able to reach an oilfield site in a quick but safe way. That’s where access matting comes in. Access matting can support heavy-duty vehicles and offer slip-resistant surfaces that also stand up to temperatures and UV exposure. You can customize installation of matting to suit your needs.

Environmental lining 

Accidental spills can harm the environment and be extremely costly to your project. Environmental lining prevents hazardous materials from leaking out and harming the natural areas surrounding the project site. Multiple levels of containment (primary and secondary) may be necessary depending on what materials you’re working with and where the project is taking place. Liners are often crafted of materials such as high-density polyethylene and require professional installation to ensure maximum protection. 

Oilfield Equipment Rentals and Other Services from Diamond T 

When you need oilfield equipment for your project, Diamond T Services can help. We sell and rent out pieces of equipment like the ones listed above. Simply contact us for a quote today. Aside from oilfield equipment, we also offer utility solutions and equipment for general construction use.

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