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What Does A Solids Control Provider Do?

This is a photo of an oil rig and how i relates to solids control

Solids control is a crucial part of construction and development, which is why having a reliable solids control provider is so important.

Digging into the ground and solid surfaces is a process that can be particularly difficult to manage. Solids control is used to optimize how these drilling services work out, but not every approach is the same. In this article, we will explore how solids control providers serve their communities and the companies that they work with to achieve the best possible results.

Solids Control Provider Services

Solids control providers all offer different services with the same goal. There are certain services that are more common, but new approaches to solids control are being created every single day. To better understand what these services offer, we want to break down a few key details.

What is Solids Control?

Solids control is a specific technique that is used with drilling rigs. When utilizing solids control, it is possible to separate fluids from solids as they are actively crushed by the drill bits and brought to the surface. Effectively removing unnecessary or unwanted solids can make the process move along in a better way, and they can also produce high-quality fluids that are free of unnecessary waste.

What Do Solids Control Providers Offer?

Solids control providers offer systems, materials, and approaches that help with solids control in specific circumstances. These talented individuals and teams can help to ensure that your drilling process is as seamless as possible. 


In general, solids control providers offer a high level of efficiency. Using specific techniques, these providers can offer better control during the drilling process. Ultimately, this means that there will be less waste, fewer unwanted additives, and a lessened need for fluid replacements throughout the drilling process.


The best solids control providers know that managing solids and fluids is not something that can be done in one simple way. The truth is that every site is different and will require different techniques depending on the materials involved. Being able to adapt to this is a crucial part of being a solids control provider.


A good solids control provider will always look for ways to improve your process. They will work to decrease additives, lower dilution, and reduce the volume of overall waste. These goals can all be met with the right approach, which is why finding a good provider is so important.


Solids control is not the most well-known process, but it is one that is incredibly important when it comes to drilling. A solids control provider is equipped with a wide range of techniques and systems to find the best possible way to reduce waste and improve the drilling process no matter what kind of circumstances a team might face. If you are looking for a better approach to solids control, feel free to contact us directly to learn how we can improve your process and refine your materials. We are always ready to discuss our processes and find an approach that works for you!

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