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What Are Drilling Rig Mats Used For?

Rig Mats
Rig mats are portable platforms. They are used to support equipment that is used during construction or oil drilling. These activities might include camps, drilling rigs, helipads, and tanks. Drilling Rig Mats can also be used as a structural roadway. Whether you need to find a passage over unstable ground, or to a pipeline, they often consist of wood, rubber, or steel. Let’s dive in to understand what drilling rig mats are, and why they are extremely helpful.

On Land Oil Rig Protection

These drilling rig mats help to protect the natural earth. It also allows workers to access sites regardless of condition. Whether you need to work in the rainy or wet reason, or the ground is simply wet and unsteady, an on-land oil rig mat can help immensely to support your equipment.

Providing Safe Work Environments

Used on wetlands or ice surfaces, many companies in the mining industry also choose to use drilling rig mats. This is because if you need to store equipment or materials, this is a safe place to do so. These mats can also help vehicles to ride over terrain as a temporary road in remote locations.

Types of Materials Used to Make Rig Mats


Most often rig mats are made with steel frames. Often, these are also made with wooden crossbeams for optimal performance. Unfortunately, the downside of wood and steel mats is that they can become exceedingly expensive. They are also hard to transport and require special equipment to do so.


Wooden rig mats on their own are a lightweight and affordable option. These may not be able to handle extremely heavy loads and they should also be taken care of because they require frequent repairs and damages.


Many modern companies are now moving to use composite rig mats. These rubber mats are not only able to contain a higher strength, but they also weigh less. Rubber rig mats are used by both work surfaces, by temporary roads, and they end up weighing less than all mats. Composite mats also typically have interlocking edges, which is a very versatile option.

Why Use Rig Mats

There are many reasons why companies use rig mats. Most of these reasons include:

  • Helping to extend drilling seasons: This allows workers to continue to drill even if the ground conditions are not favorable.
  • Create even work surfaces: By having a stable work surface, the terrain will not be an issue.
  • Protect the environment: Many different regulations are required, but being eco-friendly is good in all aspects of the business as well. Using rig mats provides the opportunity to protect the environment. You can also protect the earth from contaminates that might come from your work station.
  • Work on difficult terrain: Instead of spending hours attempting to regulate and even out your work surface, instead you can simply place a rig mat and get to work.

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