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Top 3 Ways Solids Control Can Help the Environment

Although the use of solids control is somewhat new when you compare it to the age of the oil industry, it is quite revolutionary. Solids Control has become one of the most important parts of oil drilling, primarily because it can help the environment.
One thing to note regarding solids control is that it must be done properly. If solids control is not done properly, then it renders essentially pointless. One of the most important aspects of solids control is to remove as many of the large drilled solid particles as possible. These are known as the contaminants.

Larger Awareness

Introducing solid control to oil drilling has created a larger awareness surrounding fluid maintenance and disposal. Specifically, it has created more widespread knowledge regarding how the practices of drilling maintenance and disposal are harmful to the environment. Despite this, it has created the most awareness regarding that solids control can prevent larger problems from being created.

Helps to Negate Negative Oil Drilling Impacts

Everyone knows that oil drilling does harm the environment, but unfortunately we are a highly oil-dependent planet. So although solids control does not eliminate the negative impact of oil drilling, it does help.
Negating negative impact primarily occurs because the fluid life can be doubled or even tripled in solids control. With the correct solids control system, whole mud dumping and dilution are unacceptable. This means that with effective solids control equipment, you will avoid these and create more usable fluid, thus reducing impact.
Having said this, solids control is often taken for granted. Equipment must be maintained in top shape to allow the machines to do their job properly: keeping fluids dense, keeping integrity, and utilizing them additional times.

Reduces Water Usage

Because solids control is essentially the recycling of fluids and the reduction of waste, solids control reduces water usage as well. Solids control reduces water used in drilling by up to 75%. Not only that, but it also reduces the need to transport more products.

Requirements for Solids Control

Solids control is extremely important, and also a federal requirement. There are a few more things to know regarding the solids control requirements:

  • Must process a minimum of 100-125% mud circulation rate.
  • If solids are not removed during the first circulation, then they will need to be mechanically degraded.
  • Primary cleaning systems should use a shaker and hydro cyclone technology, this is essential for proper cleaning.

Other Positive Aspects of Solids Control

Solids control is not only good for the environment, but it also lowers overall costs. By increasing your fluid life and reducing water you already will reduce costs. When you additionally reduce your transport needs, then you can lower the costs even further.
Additionally, by using top solids control machines you get a return of solids-free liquid back into your fluids system. This will reduce the need for output and reduce your need to drill more.

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