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Is it Beneficial to Rent Construction Equipment?

Business owners and construction managers alike can benefit from construction equipment rental. Although buying construction equipment and heavy machinery has its upsides, renting provides a low cost option. If you’re trying to save money, considering a rental is a no brainer. Learn more about the benefits of renting construction equipment here.

Why It’s Beneficial to Rent

Construction equipment rental has skyrocketed in the last few years. Since the market has grown, there are even more options for renting heavy machinery and construction vehicles. When renting construction equipment, you’ll experience the following benefits.
You don’t have to keep making payments on something that you’re not using. Some construction projects require specific types of equipment. Renting allows you to make payments only when you need the equipment. After the project is complete, you won’t have heavy machinery sitting around collecting rust.
You’ll get the most advanced options. New, more advanced tech comes out all the time. Buying equipment means you’re stuck with the same model for years to come. When you choose to rent, you’ll have more updated options available to you. This also means your project is more likely to stay compliant with regulations.
You don’t have to pay out for maintenance. Most construction equipment rental companies include free or low-cost maintenance. Repairs and new parts are included in the rental agreement, along with on-site technicians. This saves more money and time for you in the long run.
You don’t have to store the equipment yourself. Many construction equipment buyers don’t account for storage space. Proper storage is essential in keeping your equipment looking good and running smoothly. Luckily, rental companies take care of storage fees for you.
Your transportation costs less. Owning your own equipment is nice, but what happens when you need to transport it for a job? Moving heavy construction equipment is a headache that’s sure to take a chunk out of your profits. Renting from a local construction equipment company allows you to work local jobs with ease.
You can immediately deduct taxes. Construction equipment requires depreciation before it is tax deductible. However, renting allows you to deduct immediately through business expenses. Be sure to keep track of all rental costs so you can get some return on your rental expenses.
You’ll have more business opportunities. Owning specific equipment limits your ability to take on new projects. When renting, you’ll have more options to work with specialized equipment. This increases your chance to work on multiple projects, expanding your portfolio.

Construction Equipment Rental Near You

Consider construction equipment rental from a local company with plenty of rental options. Diamond T Services offers premier rental services for any construction project. Our equipment is guaranteed for all types of terrain and weather.
Experience seamless rental services and quality equipment at a moment’s notice. Choose from earth moving and lift machinery to general construction equipment. Daily, weekly, or monthly rates are available for your project’s needs. Plus, all equipment is up-to-date on state requirements and restrictions. Our team is ready to help with your construction equipment rental.

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