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How to Build a Temporary Road

An excellent way to build a temporary road is by using access matting. Also known as temporary road mats, they are perfect for construction companies and other businesses that must work in places where a paved or gravel road isn’t accessible.

To make a temporary road, lay out several mats, joining them as necessary, to offer big vehicles the stability they require to move effectively, safely, and securely.

Building a Temporary Road

Temporary road mats provide heavyweight equipment the access it necessitates to get to a secluded area without breaking up the existing ground or risking getting stuck, which would hinder the project. These thick mats are a resilient option to use at a construction site instead of plywood, which develops splinters and slickness over time. This leaves a big mess at the end of the job.

These mats differ in the amount of weight they possess, which could heighten the difficulty of the installation. With a small mat, a few individuals could shift the new temporary road mats around, placing them into service by hand, regardless of whether it was grass, a dirt road, or a muddy field. Heavier mats probably will need the use of a forklift to put them into place.

Temporary Road Mats on a Construction Site

One of the greatest benefits of temp road mats is the capability of making a walkway or roadway anywhere. Though, if the mats are too weighty for someone to move by hand, they are less useful in an area where people don’t own heavy equipment to place the mats.

There is a solution. Temporary road mats are created with heavy-duty substances, making it trouble-free to move equipment to and from the site. By adding temporary roads to the construction site, workers don’t have to be concerned about tires getting stuck in the mud. Also, using temporary access roads helps guarantee environmental compliance. They safeguard delicate ecosystems from any damage that would be produced by all the activity.

Unlike asphalt or concrete road installations, temporary roads can be removed from the ground and used on another job. They’re simple to set up and disassemble, making them the best for places where constructing a new road would be pointless.

Custom Access Matting with You in Mind

At Diamond T Services, we provide access matting solutions that decrease ground pressure and safeguard the environment. Assorted groupings of job types and terrain necessitate various sizes and types of access matting, as well as diverse installation tactics.

Our access mats are crafted, customized, and built to deliver a stable, uniform platform. Equipment and crews can be positioned to better reach a work site or utility safely and securely, regardless of the climate. Besides creating temporary roads, our access matting is distinctively constructed to sustain other numerous applications like sandbox foundations, disaster response, or temporary parking.

We offer access mats in various configurations to satisfy any job or budget. Contact us to explore your matting options for your next project.

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