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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Small Digger?

This is a photo of a small digger

Small diggers have a range of uses for construction sites and home projects. They are not only versatile, but affordable to rent. You can even rent additional attachments, sizes, and weights of small diggers to manage any project. Find out whether this piece of machinery is right for your project and how much it costs to rent a small digger. 

Small Digger Uses

Construction sites aren’t the only place where small diggers are useful. They are helpful for a range of tasks because of their compact size and frame. Because of their size and mobility, they are great for crowded work sites. Use a small excavator on the following projects:

Pool and Hot Tub Installation: Pools are commonplace for U.S. homeowners, with over 10 million residential installations. However, there are specific building permits required in each state in order to install. Use a small digger to decrease top ground damage and properly install pools and hot tubs. 

Snow Plowing: For those intense snow storms, a small digger can be extremely helpful. Easily navigate snow-covered driveways, roads, and backyards using specific small digger attachments. 

Sewer Line Repair: Larger machines like trenchers are commonly used for sewer line support. However, mini excavators are a great option, as well. Despite their small size, you can use them to dig out sewer lines for repairs and maintenance. They have a more affordable price point which is a plus for local contractors. 

Excavation: Construction teams benefit from small diggers during excavation and site digs. Slow digging methods are required to prevent cave-ins. For this reason, small diggers are a useful tool for reaching difficult areas while speeding along the process. 

Demolition: Large machinery is powerful, but unnecessary for smaller demolition projects. Tight spaces require more finesse, which a mini excavator can provide. They are also easier to load in and out because of their compact size. 

Cost to Rent

Renting a small digger is more convenient and cost effective than purchasing your own. There is little need to buy a small excavator if you only use it for a few projects at a time. Additionally, purchased machinery requires extra maintenance and repairs eventually, costing you even more.

Renting small diggers and other oilfield equipment allows you to work with the most updated machinery needed for any project. Rental costs range from $900 to $1700 per day and up to $4600 per week. Check with your local oilfield equipment rentals for more information on pricing and payment plans.

Oilfield Equipment Rentals

For affordable small diggers and oilfield equipment rentals, contact Diamond T Services. Complete any construction project with excavators, surface equipment, custom fabrication, access matting, and more.

With flexible renting options, you can get the equipment you need to complete any project. Our rental options include:

  • Oilfield Rental Equipment, including storage solutions and professional assistance for heavy machinery
  • Construction Rental Equipment, including machinery and attachments for any construction project
  • Utility Rental Equipment, including environmental products and site preparation assistance
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