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Can Access Mats Be Reused?

Access mats are used to help workers safely traverse construction locations and other industrial job sites. Because some of these situations don’t offer paved roads or other stable options to drive equipment on, access mats provide a reliable solution. Also known as temporary road mats or construction mats, these items are able to create stable surfaces in challenging terrains – such as muddy or uneven ground.

These temporary mats are durable, but they take a beating thanks to the rigors of the industries they’re used for. However, if they’re properly maintained, they can often be reused if they’re still in good condition. The reusability of access matting depends on a number of different factors, and the specific circumstances of their use.

Factors Impacting Reuse of Mats

Trying to determine whether or not mats can be reused will rely on a number of different elements, but the most important is the quality of material. These access mats are generally comprised of materials like wood, recycled plastic, or other composite materials. The higher the quality of the material, the more likely they are to withstand multiple uses. Some materials are also designed to handle heavier loads. Using mats beyond their intended load capacity will likely reduce their lifespan.

Environmental conditions also play a large role. Many of these mats will be used outside in the elements. Exposure to this harsh weather, rain, and even sunlight can also accelerate wear and tear. There are also many situations where the mats might be exposed to chemicals, which can also impact the integrity of the mats. Knowing the situation will make it easier to select the right mats for the job, which will extend their lifespan.

Keep Up Maintenance & Inspections

Using access matting as temporary roads means that the mats will take a lot of abuse from heavy machinery. Regular maintenance and proper handling can extend the life of the mats. Regular cleaning, inspecting, and repairing damaged mats can help extend their lifespan and keep them available for multiple projects. Each specific project likely has different requirements, and those could determine whether mats should be reused. Some instances may require fresh mats for each job.

If you’re planning on reusing access mats, make sure to inspect each mat before each use. This will ensure that they’re still safe and useable. Damaged or weakened mats should not be reused, as they could create potential hazards on the work locations. Every job is different, and these regular inspections before each use will give you a fresh look at each mat and will give a good indication if the mats will be suitable for the job coming up.

Always assess each access mat’s condition before deciding whether it’s safe and appropriate to be reused. If you don’t know all of the particulars of the access matting, it’s best to consult with the manufacturer or qualified expert for guidance. For more information, reach out to the professionals at Diamond T Services today.

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