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Are Access Mats Eco-Friendly?

Access matsEco-Friendly are extremely eco-friendly. The entire purpose of an access mat is to protect the ground underneath different worksites. This can mean placing a temporary platform or making a road. Access mats help to protect sensitive work sites which might otherwise be permanently damaged by large equipment.
There are many forms of access mats that come in a variety of durabilities. Whether you are looking to support heavy equipment, or need easy access to go across a pipeline, access mats can make that happen.

What are Access Mats?

Also known as swamp mats, access mats are the best way to protect a job site. Access mats provide short and long term access for any size of job. Whether you are looking to support large machinery, or need to walk often over soft and sensitive ground, access mats can help you accomplish that without damage.

Why Use Access Mats

Most worksites are located in remote areas, or have rugged terrain. This can make accessing certain job sites difficult. Especially if you are working in an area that has intense weather changes, you will be dealing with a variety of delays constantly.
Access mats provide a reliable and surface for all of your vehicles, machinery, and workers to go across. The best time to use access mats are when you are trying to cross rugged terrain, or if the terrain needs to be protected.
There are also cases where environmental standards come in, and access mats can make obtaining permits much easier. If you need to pass inspections, access mats can prevent damage from needing fixing at the end of a project.

When to Use Access Mats

  • When working in remote areas.
  • When you need to bring in a crew to a worksite quickly.
  • When trying to meet short deadlines and avoid delays.
  • If you need to build a roadway.
  • When you are using exceptionally heavy equipment.
  • If you are working on protected land.
  • When you need to adhere to environmental laws.
  • If your job site is located where sensitive flora and fauna exists.
  • If you need to go across a pipeline in order to complete your project.
  • If you want to maintain a safe atmosphere for your workers.

What Types of Access Mats Exist?

There are a variety of access mats available. These might include rig mats or crane mats which are used for more heavy-duty applications. Regular access mats are typically designed to be more lightweight both in build and use.
Access mats can be made out of many different materials. This can include wood such as oak or fir, but it can also be a combination of the two. Oak mats are known to be durable, long-lasting and great for heavy traffic jobs. Fir mats are normally lighter weight which makes them easier to move, but are also known as a cheaper alternative.
There are also environmentally friendly, UV and temperature tolerant, 100% recyclable Access Mats from Diamond T Services. We offer the most durable and eco-friendly mats for the job.

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