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4″ and 6″ Godwin Dri-Prime Pumps

The Godwin Dri-Prime pump offers flow rates to 1010 USGPM and has the capability of handling solids up to 1.8″ in diameter. It is able to automatically prime to 28′ of suction lift from dry. Automatic or manual starting/stopping available through integral mounted control panel or optional wireless-remote access. Indefinite dry-running is no problem due to the unique Godwin liquid bath mechanical seal design. Solids handling, dry-running, and portability make the Godwin pump the perfect choice for dewatering and bypass applications.

  • trailer or skid mounted
  • Max capacity: 1010 USGPM †
  • Max solids handling: 1.8″
  • Max operating temp: 176°F*
  • Max pressure: 55 psi
  • Max suction pressure: 41 psi
  • Max casing pressure: 83 psi
  • Max operating speed: 2200 rpm
Godwin Pump