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What is a 400 BBL Tank and Do I Need One?

400 BBL Tank
If you have ever heard of a 400 BBL Tank, you will know that it is a fluid storage container. It can be used for any project. They are best known for being able to be used in multiple weather conditions. Whether you are working on a project site, or you need to hold something in a tank farm setting, there are various forms of systems and tanks for all types of storage needs.

400 BBL Tank Features

  • Sloped bottoms. This provides the opportunity to hold more.
  • In order to meet and cooperate with safety requirements, all tanks are equipped with fall arrests. This means they are CSA
  • Equipped with a steam coil.
  • External gauge systems display current fluid levels for easy monitoring.
  • Because insulated storage tanks must be rated, all insulated tanks are R12 rated.
  • Electric heaters are included. This helps to prevent any fluid from freezing, despite conditions or extremely cold temperatures.
  • With multiple valves, your tank comes equipped with flanges, plugs, and chains.
  • Fill line so you know exactly where to fill safely.

Choose From Options

  • Electric heating for insulated tanks is an optional choice. If you live in a cold climate or are performing jobs in the winter this will be great for you.
  • Because there is a thermostat behind the fluid gauge, all storage tanks allow you to adjust the temperature.
  • Use a 30 amp plug.
  • Gun lines can be added
  • If needed, you can also obtain a lined storage tank.

Why Choose 400 BBL Tanks?

400 BBL tanks are often chosen due to their minimal size. This is mainly because they are taller than other tanks, and not as wide. This gives you more flexibility. If you are not restricted to a huge horizontal tank space, then you will have room for other items. 400 BBL tanks are also easy to manage when needing large quantities.

What Are the Specifications of 400 BBL Tanks?

The volume of a 400 BBL tank is 63m³, or 16,642.8 gallons. They come in either insulated or standard. The insulated option is slightly larger than the standard, being one foot larger in width, but the same in regards to height (13 feet) and length (24 feet). All 400 BBL Tanks weigh 13,500lbs, and there is a 1.67 barrel capacity.

Where to Buy 400 BBL Tanks?

Typically, you won’t want to buy a 400 BBL Tank, but instead, you would want to rent one. This is because these tanks may not be something you need to use all the time, or you may not want to keep up with the maintenance. By renting 400 BBL tanks from Diamond T Services, you can avoid maintenance, and be updated with the newest material as it is released. This provides an easier method of having what you need at all times, and at a much more reasonable price.
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