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Should I Use an Oilfield Trucking Service?

Oilfield Trucking
When it comes to oilfield trucking, reliable service is key. Whether you need a certain type of truck or experienced personnel, hiring an oilfield trucking service ensures a timely turnaround. Find out more about oilfield trucking services and why this service is necessary for your business.

What is Oilfield Trucking?

Oilfield truckers are DOT compliant and DISA certified to operate different types of trucks and machinery that carry petroleum, oil, and other natural resources.
Below are the types of trucks commonly used during oilfield trucking:

  • Vacuum trucks: Popular in the petroleum industry, these trucks are equipped with vacuums that draw in liquid and materials into their large carrying tanks
  • Swab rigs: These trucks are commonly used to activate wells to access natural resources from the earth. This process involves releasing pressure in oil well holes via a cable and winch system.
  • Water haulers: Water heater trucks and haulers help haul away excess water from drilling sites. Contaminated salt, water, and other materials from drilling and fracking sites can be disposed of properly using these important haulers.
  • Hot oil trucks: Unavoidable equipment blockages can occur during crude oil production. Hot oil trucks step in when these blockages occur. Hot oil treatments are used during fracking to heat up fluids and clean equipment that processes oil and gas.

Why should I use a service for Oilfield Trucking?

Experienced drivers. Unfortunately, oil and gas companies are not required to hire certified oilfield truckers. Because of this, many drivers are inexperienced. Ignoring certifications can be dangerous, especially when working with underqualified or poorly trained drivers. Hiring an oilfield trucking service ensures that your work is handled by skilled hands. To avoid preventable accidents and costly repairs, hire through an oilfield trucking service with trained and certified drivers.
Fewer restrictions. There are overall fewer regulations imposed on oilfield truckers. Because of this, trained oilfield truckers are more likely to get your job completed in a timely manner. Oilfield truckers are required to take less hours off than other industry drivers, so they have more time to dedicate to the job at hand. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, oilfield truckers have less wait time restrictions between jobs than other industry truckers.
A company you can trust. Hiring an oilfield trucking service ensures that enhanced solutions are professionally implemented for every task, no matter the type of transport. From oilfield services, to infrastructure and utility industries, trucking services prove to be more effective than hiring a random, unqualified driver. Additionally, you can trust that the services you hire are always up-to-date on new products and trucking methods. This guarantees that your job is finished quickly while using the right materials and haulers.

Diamond T Oilfield Trucking Services

Trust Diamond T Oilfield Trucking Services to provide reliable, timely work with trained drivers. You’ll have peace of mind when the drivers you need are DOT compliant, DISA certified, and cross-trained on multiple platforms. Training our team on these important service-related activities allows us to complete jobs faster and with the proper equipment. You’ll experience the best service possible with heavy equipment operation, tank farm rigging, and primary and secondary containment services.

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