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Pros and Cons of Access Matting?

Access MattingDiamond T Services is the home of exceptional and quality construction rental equipment. We are among the best oilfield rental companies in the US with years of industry leading service behind us. Our team operates in multiple states, including Colorado, and strives to be best in class at what we do. Because of that, we want to make sure you’re getting the best possible equipment for your construction site needs.

What Are the Benefits of Access Matting?

There are a lot of positive things we can say about access matting. In many cases, it is a safety necessity for your job site. But if you are unsure of whether or not your job site and accompanying terrain truly need the benefits of access matting, you should first explore what those are and ensure you have the full scope of information on everything access matting can provide for you.

  • All seasons access: No matter the season, as long as you are cleared for work then access mats can help you do it even if the ground is frozen, soaking wet, or covered in snow.
  • Weather proof: Access matting can give you the ability to work at your site, even though the most adverse weather conditions wreaking havoc on your construction site — snow, rain, hail, or drought can be handled by a access mats
  • Customizable to any site: Access mats, especially ours, can go anywhere you need to go because they offer a customized fit. So even if you think your site cannot handle access mats, ours can customize to your needs
  • Easily shipped: These mats are easily and flat stored for the most convenient possible transportation and delivery of mats. Part of our service is delivery and ease of storage for you and your team.
  • Up to 200,000 lbs: These mats can hold the weight of anything you put on them. While equipment may sink into soft ground if you do not utilize mats, these mats can hold an exceptional amount of weight

What Happens If I Use Other Matting Options?

We are not the only access matting provider out there, but we like to think we are one of your best options. While we take meticulous care to be first in class when it comes to our equipment, not everyone is so keen on quality. Plastic mats can be faulty, they do not hold as much weight, and many mats out there are not customizable to weather and conditions. We view ourselves as your partners while others view you as a sale.

How We Can Help

Diamond T Services provides rental equipment for your work in oilfield and general infrastructure industries. These mats provide real service and quality. You can rest easy knowing your equipment is moving across and sitting safely atop some of the best matting options you can find and easily the best options in the Denver area.

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