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How Do Access Mats Work?

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Access mats are often required during industrial projects. They are a type of portable platform that creates a structural roadway for heavy equipment and construction vehicles. Access mats come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. This largely depends on what the mats are used for. Whether you need them for stable passage or to protect the surrounding environment, find out more about access mats here.

Types of Access Mats

The type of access mats you use depends on the project you’re working on. No matter the material, they are helpful in creating temporary roadways to work sites. The following types of access mats are commonly chosen for industrial projects.
Rig Mats
These types of access mats are commonly created with a combination of wood and steel. They are a durable option when it comes to industrial projects, as they can hold a lot of weight. They are also available in larger sizes, making them a great choice for on-site needs or when using heavy equipment. The wooden inserts and steel beams are also easy to repair when needed.
Types of wood and metal used for rig mats include:

  • Pine
  • Spruce
  • Fir
  • I Beam Frame
  • HST Steel Frame

Swamp Mats
Another durable option for access matting, swamp mats are a great choice for wetlands, swamps, and bogs. These long-lasting access mats won’t get waterlogged, either. They are made from mixed hardwoods that are crossed together and held in place with steel bolts. They are finished with a laminate to deter moisture.
Mud Mats
Compared to other types of access matting, mud mats are a more portable option. They are created with a geosynthetic fabric and reinforced with metal or strong wood. Their flexible material makes them a great option for on-site needs, as they can be rolled up when needed. However, mud mats should primarily be used for firm ground conditions. Using them over soft ground to distribute heavy loads can cause rutting.

When to Use Access Mats

Industrial access mats should be used when transporting equipment and construction vehicles to a work site. They help provide a stable foundation that causes less environmental impact around industrial work sites. They can also be used as staging areas or to create temporary shelter from the elements.
Access mats have many other applications, including:

  • Protecting the ground and surrounding environment
  • Stabilizing large equipment
  • Aiding in new utility construction
  • Providing access during natural disasters
  • Used as temporary foundations for well sites, sandboxes, and fuel storage
  • Providing temporary parking areas for equipment or vehicles

Industrial Access Matting Services

More questions about access mats? Our industrials access matting services can help. Diamond T Services offers different types of access mats for any project. Our access mats are guaranteed to provide a sustainable option that provides customized options for your job site. Our damage-free installation services include a vacuum placement system for quick turnaround. Access mats also include a proprietary coating and traction surface that performs in any weather.
Get a consultation for your industrial worksite or contact us with other questions.

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