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Can I Rent an Oilfield Truck?

Oilfield trucks need to be robust and able to handle a lot. You can’t put your oilfield truck rental up to just any company. Diamond T has been doing this for years and we take pride in our ability to get you the best, newest equipment possible. Safety and efficiency is our priority. We take care of the little things (that are sometimes not so little) so you can have the support you need to get your job done safely, quickly, and cleanly. You need experience on your side.

What’s the difference between oilfield equipment and other equipment?

While it may be tempting to save money and use what you have, most trucks and tractors weren’t designed with oilfield conditions in mind. Further, a lot of these pieces of equipment are older, prone to breaking down, and likely won’t last the journey needed to safely handle the needs of an oilfield. One of the biggest hurdles in the industry today is access to the right equipment, which can have lead times of over a year.

What do you need in your oilfield truck?

The key with renting any piece of large construction equipment, and especially an oilfield truck, is to be prepared. Getting the right equipment to run in an oil or shale field is critical, especially in an industry that is already known to be hazardous. What you first need to make sure of is that you have a tough truck that can handle all sorts of terrain while hauling heavy loads. This means at least a 15 liter engine with over 470 horsepower and 1,850 torque. You want open-lug tires to get the most traction and make sure those tires are as up to date as possible.

Another element you may not think about is the need for amenities. Drivers often have to stay onside for extended periods and truck cabs need to be able to accommodate those folks with suitable places to sleep and stay comfortable.

Equipment rental with Diamond T

Diamond T handles the logistics so you can handle your job. Get the right Oilfield Rental Equipment with the support you need for your oilfield job site with Diamond T Services. Our experts are here to answer any questions and assist with your rental needs. There’s a lot we can offer from storage solutions, general equipment, solids control rentals, surface rentals, and the specific needs of oilfield truck rentals. Diamond T Services is a leading provider of equipment rental & field services to the energy and infrastructure industries throughout North America. We pride ourselves on providing only the best equipment and services in the oil and gas, construction, and utility industries. You won’t go wrong trusting our team with your job site. Take a look at our specific offerings below.

Start with us and make us your only rental equipment company. Start by giving us a call to get a quote on your needs and find out exactly what we can offer you.