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Our Commitment to Safety

Committed to Creating a Safe Work Environment

At Diamond T Services, we fully believe in the motto of “Safety First!” We are committed to protecting the environment, our employees, and client site teams by adhering to the strictest of safety rules. We know that unsafe working conditions lead to negative outcomes. We are fully compliant with PEC, NCMS and ISNetworld safety standards. This functionality gives Diamond T Services the ability to measure key performance metrics, while promoting transparency, clear communication and sustainable operations. Our focus is on ensuring a safe work environment, safe transportation, and a safe job site enables us to drive sustainable performance improvements, while lowering costs and strengthening relationships with our customers.

Our whole focus is to do our job well, from start to finish, without incurring any accidents. We have a very extensive safety manual which covers all of our processes and procedures. Whether we are custom fabricating something in our shop, providing oilfield trucking services, or installing our location containment system, one eye is always on safety. We have an excellent safety record and work hard to protect our employees and those of our customers.